Androgels are almost always used for purposes of testosterone replacement therapy and rarely for performance enhancing purposes. Although Androgel could be used for performance enhancing purposes generally there are far more suitable options. The purpose of hormone replacement therapy is simple; to increase testosterone levels and restore them to normal levels in individuals who suffer from low testosterone.

Androgel typically comes in two forms; in a single dose packet or multi-dose pumps. You'll find Androgel to be for the most part odorless and generally clear. Unlike other forms of testosterone Androgel does not need to be injected, you simply rub the clear substance on your skin and allow it to soak and absorb into your body. Most Androgel are applied on the stomach, shoulders or upper-arm area. Generally your doctor will prescribe a preferred area of application for you.


Benefits of Androgel

As discussed the purpose of Androgel therapy is to treat symptoms of low testosterone; the benefits of relief from this problem generally include the following:

  • An increase in sex drive
  • Lower body fat percentage
  • Increases in energy and vitality
  • A stronger sense of well-being

Although these benefits are quite welcome in most who suffer from low testosterone, most will find this problem is incurable and continuous therapy with Androgel a necessary and permanent part of life. If you discontinue use your testosterone levels will in most cases return to their abnormally low levels in a matter of days; you will without question notice the decline.

Unwelcomed Side Effect

Although many Androgel users will escape this problem some may find a slight rash or irritation of the skin where the medication is applied. There is no way to predict if this will be a problem for you. If you find you suffer from skin irritation due to Androgel use but desire treatment for low testosterone, testosterone injections may be your only option. Testosterone injections will not cause skin irritation symptoms and are generally very cosmetically friendly for almost all users.

It should be noted, if you're looking for a sports performance enhancing attribute, Androgel is more than likely not the most suitable way to go. Of course if you do suffer from low testosterone this substance will bring forth improvements but not beyond what’s considered “Normal.” Androgel therapy does not mimic supraphysiologic doses of common compounds such as Testosterone Propionate or Testosterone Enanthate.